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One of the main reasons why I build is to ease searching books on I am a developer doing web and mobile development and frequently I look for newly published computer related books. I will show some tips while searching books & kindle books on Amazon by

When you search only with keyword on Amazon site it is not easy to find the right book. Here are my recommendations to find right book that you are searching for:

ind the right category in Amazon Department have about 50,000 categories and about 8,500 of them belongs to Books Department and about 9,500 of them belongs to Kindle Department and thats huge!

For more targeted search finding a right category is the key. You can do full-text search in by first clicking Books Department then click full-text search box.

Be aware that you are not searching a product ( in this case a book) but a category so you must search a general term which represents a category. Also if you refine too much your category then you may miss out some books that you may be interested in.

Keyword vs Title Search

When you do keyword search it searches both product names and product descriptions also seller’s hidden keywords so you end up with long search result. On the other hand if you search by title it searches for only product name and it does not search product descriptions or seller’s hidden keywords so you end up with more targeted and short search result.

Publish Date, Month, Year

This is a feature that I use most. When I search computer books I want to list books that recently published generally within 2 years. In publish date you have 3 options

  • During: If you are searching a book edition for a specific year then choose this and then enter a year (you can omit month) like 1980 so you can search books only printed in 1980.
  • Before: If you are interested in collectible books you can use it with combination of month and year or only with year.
  • After: This is what I used most for computer related recent books.

Actually I am fed up entering same parameters for publish date and year for Books > Computer & Technology category so I saved my common parameters. Yes, you can save your parameter for later use in . You can do it in two way and there is a slightly difference between two. A shown below I selected Publish Date as After and Year as 2014 then I clicked Search Form on the left to open it.

I have two options for saving which are:

  • Save Parameters : If I click this my parameters are saved for only Computer & Technology category under Books Department. If I click Computer Science I will not see saved parameters from from Computer & Technology.
  • Save Parameters for Subcategories: If you chose it your parameters will be valid for also subcategories that you are currently in.

If a category has a saved parameter then fill color of circle is turned to blue for Save Parameter option as shown below, so if I refresh or come back later later publish date and year parameters will be filled for me.

Here is the legend with all combinations:

legend of categories

You need to login before any save operation, signup is free (always will be free with no spam policy) in

Author & Publisher

If you know author or looking exactly books from a certain publisher you can fill these free text fields.


Amazon has it’s own Advanced Books Search with language as option but it is limited. provides 15 different languages to chose, Amazon Advanced Search only provides 4 of them.


You have 11 sort options in for Books Department instead of this Amazon provides 7 sort options for Books. Especially sort by prime price is very handy.

Finding Deals

Minimum Discount Percentage is the most handy tool finding deals in Amazon shows you discount options in buckets like 25% or more, 50% or more, %75 or more. In you are not restricted by buckets. You can use easy minimum discount slider to choose exact minimum discount percentage as you want and find best deals!

Other options to find deals are : Show Only Amazon Warehouse Deals, Show Only Items with Coupons.

Amazon also have a dedicated Books Deals category for you.

Kindle Deparment Options

Kindle Department provides similar options like Books Department with some extra options.

Kindle Unlimited Eligible: Kindle Unlimited has over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device for just $9.99 a month. If you subscribed to Kindle Unlimited you reach lots of free Kindle books, just check this option to see only Kindle Unlimited Books. You can subscribe by clicking following, Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Word Wise Enabled: In a Word Wise enabled book, difficult or unusual words will have hints displayed right on the screen, without the reader having to tap anything to see a full dictionary definition. This is helpful when reading books with many foreign words, a lot of unfamiliar jargon, or when a student is moving up in reading levels and still needs a little help to achieve mastery.

eBooks with Audible Narration: You can filter books with Audible options by this checkbox. If you have already Kindle Unlimited subscription you can reach audible books by clicking Audible Kindle Unlimited Books.

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Founder of Amazon Search on Steroids!

Founder of Amazon Search on Steroids!