Why is it so difficult to produce a photo of Ataturk?
As a result of months of work, I published my work on Ataturk -19 May 1919 The Rise of Hero. I created a collection consist of 25 Ataturk photos by selecting the best of 2,500,000 photos using the StyleGAN (more specifically, StyleGAN2-ADA) method, a version of the Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) method. You see the best 1 out of 100,000 (25/2.500.000) photos when you look at this NFT collection. Below you can see three of artificial photos of Ataturk.

Aylar süren çalışmanın sonucunda Ataturk -19 May 1919 The Rise of Hero çalışmamı yayınladım. Bir yapay zeka metodu olan Çekişmeli Üretici Ağları’nın (generative adversarial networks-GAN) bir versiyonu olan StyleGAN (daha spesifik olursak StyleGAN2-ADA) yöntemiyle 25 adetlik Atatürk fotoğrafı koleksiyonunu 2.500.000 fotoğraf arasından en iyilerini seçerek oluşturdum. Yani bu NFT koleksiyonuna baktığınızda 100 bin fotoğraftan en iyi 1 tanesini görmektesiniz. Aşağıda örnek üretilmiş fotoğraflardan üçünü görebilirsiniz. Bu fotoğraflar Atatürk’ün mevcut fotoğraflarına göre daha detaylı ve yüksek çözünürlüktedir. Tabii aslında Atatürk’ün gerçekte böyle fotoğrafları yok.

Recently I got an email from a user of jeviz.com who is a self publisher and want to figure it out one of the best selling book’s seller search keywords which are also known as Hidden Keywords which are not shown to end user but improves searchability of the product.

Let’s try to figure it out Sebastian Raschka’s best selling book Python Machine Learning .

I will filter only this book by putting ISBN of paperback edition of the book to ISBN field on jeviz.com after selecting Books department. …

Recently a user of Jeviz.com requested how to sort an author’s books alphabetically.

Here how you can do it:

Go to jeviz.com , either choose Books department or Kindle Store department then write author’s name to Author field and choose sort by Alphabetical: A to Z . That’s it!

I am an ex-Java developer. I built both enterprise and social web apps with Java technologies namely Spring Framework, Servlet, JSP, Hibernate, iBatis, Tomcat, WebSphere but recently I chose Django Framework for my MVP project jeviz.com .

Although I like Java I prefer dynamic languages for writing web applications and my dynamic language preference is Python. Python is both practical and beautiful programming language with huge ecosystem so you can find a library for anything.

There are good Python frameworks and two popular choices are Django and Flask. I chosed Django over Flask because of batteries included philosophy and some…

One of the main reasons why I build jeviz.com is to ease searching books on Amazon.com. I am a developer doing web and mobile development and frequently I look for newly published computer related books. I will show some tips while searching books & kindle books on Amazon by jeviz.com.

When you search only with keyword on Amazon site it is not easy to find the right book. Here are my recommendations to find right book that you are searching for:

Find the right category in Amazon Department

Amazon.com have about 50,000 categories and about 8,500 of them belongs to Books Department and about 9,500 of them…

I have recently announced my web project jeviz.com in hackernews which I describe in short Amazon Search on Steroids!

One of the most requested search feature from users is eliminate 4 or 5 star products that have only 1 or 2 reviews. I think it is a very common problem.

Actually you can already do it with jeviz.com by giving low rank to products with few reviews so products with most reviews come up first.

Let’s search in Electronics Department for “Over-ear Headphones” . …

Ceyhun Kazel

Founder of jeviz.com Amazon Search on Steroids!

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